Clients Angered by Cheating Lawyer, Kanzlei Herfurtner

Kanzlei Herfurtner Cheats Clients

European investors have come forward to complain about German legal firm, Kanzlei Herfurtner, hoping to prevent other would-be victims from falling prey to the lawyer’s unethical practices.

After receiving an overwhelming response to our article – Kanzlei Herfurtner Scams Investors – from former clients of the German-based legal firm, we attempted to contact the firm requesting a response to the allegations.

Numerous European investors have come forward to share their stories about how Kanzlei Herfurtner cheated them out of substantial legal fees after promising to pursue legal action against legitimate financial companies.

Kanzlei Herfurtner Cheats Clients

“It has been several weeks since I last heard from Kanzlei Herfurtner. Online and on the surface, they appear to be a reputable firm and they promise to deliver results. I invested with an offshore company last year and when I was not seeing results as fast as I would have liked I thought there was a problem with the investment company. I contacted Kanzlei Herfurtner who offered to assist me. I was hesitant to pay such a high retainer fee but decided to go ahead as they promised they would resolve my problem. They acted on my behalf sending letters of demand to the company that held my investment. It turns out that this was unnecessary. My investment was not at risk and I have since been paid out, although my broker was understandably unhappy that I had pursued unnecessary legal action. When I again contacted the lawyer to explain that there had been a mistake, they stopped responding to my emails. My phone calls are not returned, and I have lost money on legal fees. I am sure that they know there is no reason to trouble legitimate investment firms. I hope that something can be done about this,” said a client of Kanzlei Herfurtner.

Another client stated “I am very angry about my dealings with this legal firm. Given the current downturn in the markets, I would have suffered a small loss on the investment I made but because I followed the advice of Kanzlei Herfurtner I lost considerably more. I am only relieved that I discovered how bad this lawyer is before the situation got even worse.”

All attempts to elicit a response from Kanzlei Herfurtner have been unsuccessful. Emails go unanswered and phone calls are dropped when an explanation is requested.